Adam Vaughan


Adam Vaughan is a community activist, former journalist and two-term City Councillor. During his time on Toronto City Council he has been a voice for change on a number of important issues, including family housing, neighbourhood-based planning, affordability, heritage, and the arts.

A Record of Accomplishment

Under Adam’s leadership, housing for families (three and four bedroom units in particular), has increased by a factor of 10 over the decade prior to his election. More than 1,800 homes of the type of units noted have been built or approved in the last seven years. Adam has delivered on his commitment to ensure Trinity-Spadina remains an affordable place for families, individuals, small businesses and artists to live and work.

Reforming the planning process has also been a critical area of focus for Adam, with notable results. Working with neighbourhood associations across Ward 20, Adam led a successful campaign to map Trinity-Spadina. In partnership with his constituents and Ryerson University's School of Urban and Regional Planning, Adam helped establish an online databank of land use patterns in the ward, resulting in a community plan for every neighbourhood. Together, these maps and plans are the foundation for a ward-wide approach to neighbourhood planning that puts neighbourhoods first and helps residents to shape the development of their communities.

Working with residents of Alexandra Park, Adam championed the neighbourhood revitalization which is underway south of Dundas between Bathurst and Spadina. Adam also championed the rebuilding of 27 parks in downtown Toronto. He has secured funds and resources to help residents play a stronger role in guiding how their public spaces are used and maintained. In every neighbourhood in the ward, parks are being re-designed and re-constructed, with local residents involved in making critical decisions.

Support for the Arts and Local Business

Adam has been a strong advocate for the arts, leading the successful campaign to save Theatre Passé Muraille, a Trinity-Spadina landmark. He has also supported a number of public and private investments in the arts, including a new initiative to create low-rent-low-tax commercial space for emerging artists.

As part of Adam's responsibilities as Councillor, he also serves as a member of the Toronto East York Community Council, Planning and Growth Management Committee, and as a board member for the Preservation Board, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Harbourfront Centre, and a host of other community-based agencies, including all Business Improvement Areas in his ward.

A Life in the Community

Adam and his family have a lifelong connection to Trinity-Spadina. He played hockey in Seaton Village at the Bill Bolton Arena, attended school in the Annex, and learned to swim in the Grange community. Adam also lived and worked as a journalist in the Entertainment District for close to 20 years. 

Adam Vaughan grew up in one of the city's leading activist families and he continues that tradition today. His parents helped lead the fight to stop the Spadina Expressway. Adam’s father, Colin Vaughan, a respected journalist and architect, was also a City Councillor for four years. During that time he led the citizen's movement to rewrite Toronto's official plan, a document that saved and protected downtown neighbourhoods.